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Posted April 23rd, 2010 by Diana Boyle
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Check out this awesome blog, Taste of Cathy, and the amazing review she wrote about DCOMPRESS DOWNTOWN’s very own massage therapist –  Tina Thomsen!

“Through Groupon I tried this place out and LOVED it. The best massage I ever had. I got it done earlier today after my LSAT and it felt amazing.  [Tina] worked on the problem areas of my back and made me feel so relaxed. The rooms are adorable and the staff was super sweet. Thanks dcd, I will for sure be back!” – Yelp

“I’ve been meaning to go and give myself a quick vacation and this was definitely a good choice. Sad thing is, I’ve never had massage before and I just happen to land a good deal on this one and went for it. I have no regrets. She was great. I had a 50min Swedish Massage and it felt like hours of relaxation. I would definitely recommend this place. You can set up an appt online and you’ll be all set. I’m sure you won’t regret it!” – Yelp

“While I was pregnant I suffered from severe back pain and I could not get comfortable. I tried chiropractic work and it provided temporary relief but the pain would come back.  I also tried other prenatal massages throughout San Diego to no long term relief.  Then I heard about D. Boyle and DCOMPRESS DOWNTOWN who specializes in prenatal massages. WOW is all I can say.  I have had lots of massages and these were truly the best.  D. knew all the right areas to work.  After my sessions with D. is when I finally had complete pain relief. My whole body would relax and I could feel the stress and pain leaving my body.   D. elevates massages to the next level. She is truly a master of what she does. IF you are pregnant or know someone who is, send them to her, she is at the top of her game!” – Donna Hackett, Farmers Insurance Agent

“D. is very caring and in tune with what my body needs. Massage is an important part of my self-care regime. It is nurturing to my body and soul. Thank you D!” – S’Marie

“I went to D. suffering from aggravating chronic back pain in my upper-back.  I had originally gone to D. after I decided that chiropractic, while improving the alignment of my spine, was not adequately addressing my muscle tension and pain.  Over a series of months she worked weekly on my back applying deep tissue massage to relieve the chronic muscle tension and dissipate virtually all of my upper-back pain.  It is blessedly wonderful to not have back pain constantly on my mind and to find myself able to sit comfortably without constantly stretching and straining in desperation for a bearable sitting position.  D. is both friendly and reliable and displays a sincere interest in her work, I highly recommend her.” – Eric P.

“D. truly has magic hands!  I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders, and by the end of the day, after hours on the computer, the gripping pain across my upper back and neck can be intense and debilitating.  D. has targeted my upper back, shoulders and neck, working hard to release the tension there.  It’s amazing the relief I’ve felt after sessions with her.  My neck no longer bothers me, and my shoulders are relaxed.  I highly recommend D. for her care and expertise.  And, she’s a delightful person!” – Jan E.

“Getting a massage from “D” is like being cradled in your mama’s arms!  She is amazing!” – Mary M.

“Talk about treating yourself. I get the deep tissue massage at my standing appointment and feel like a million dollars every time. The stress just melts away. Simply wonderful!” – Zindi M.

“I have never been so relaxed. The massage was excellent, the music played is according to your preference and the room setting is excellent. Will definitely come back again!” – William A.

“Honey stop the car!   That’s what I say everytime I happen to be downtown and remember the massage I got at Dcompress.  This place rocks!  A massage here is the most soothing that I’ve ever had especially because of the ambiance, the tranquility and the good energy, can’t wait to go back.” – Krista L.

“I’ve been to Dcompress Downtown a couple times now as I get sporadic muscle pain in my neck and shoulders.  D is great!  She knows her stuff and has helped ease my pain every time with her deep tissue work.  And her space is fantastic.  Love the Industry Showroom!” – Jonathan B.