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Posted February 2nd, 2010 by Diana Boyle
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There are so many wonderful articles out there describing the benefits of massage, physical health, nutrition, exercise and meditation and I feel that as a massage therapist, it is my goal to spread awareness and share what I’ve learned with my clients and fellow therapists.  (It is necessary to consult your Doctor before pursuing any recommendations mentioned in the following articles.)

Rest, Warrior:  Tracy Walton, LMT, MS

“I know when I have received massage, removing my own clothing means that for an hour I give up clothing figuratively as well as literally. This gesture has great significance: I also stop trying to hold everything together, to appear intact, or to act as though I’m on my way somewhere else. For a brief, nourishing time, I do not plan, or scheme, or fight; I simply rest. I let someone else care for me; I let myself fall, be caught, and be carried. Through this act of trust, I am recharged. Rest, warrior.”

Your Body On…A Massage
Ahhhh–it feels heavenly, eases tense muscles, and increases blood flow to the skin (welcome back, rosy glow). But the perks of massage go way deeper than you might think.

Laura Beil, Women’s Health